How Changesource works for buyers

Changesource empowers businesses to source and buy smarter and more ethically.

Building more efficient, effective and ethical supply chains requires a new generation of tools. Changesource is a sourcing platform built for the new world of business.

Source smarter every time you buy

Save money

Changesource gives you smarter options every time you make a buying choice. Simply flag what you need, or want you want to explore, and Changesource’s global sourcing operation, will select the best options to match the price point and values your business needs.

Set your own goals

Save the world

Changesource tracks the environmental and social impact of your spend through the companies you work with. Then we show you how you can harness your buyer power to shape the future in a way that matches your values and strategy.

De-risk collaboration

Deliver smarter

Changesource makes it as easy to innovate faster. We collect all the info you need for you, we can even run the project if you need us to. With Changesource, your procurement function stop being blockers and become solution finders.

Changesource gives you new capabilities in sourcing

Be easy and ethical to work with

Changesource makes it easy for suppliers of all sizes to work with you. That means you get access to new solutions faster, and means you play your part in developing the innovation ecosystem around you.

Enhanced risk management

At Changesource we keep all the details you need on suppliers up to date – not just when you first onboard them. That's just one of the ways we can de-risk working with new suppliers and make it easy for you to innovate faster.

Global scouting

We scout globally 24/7 so we can find the best in everything from B2B products and services, to creative talent and agencies, to early stage proofs of concept, and more. Working with Changesource means you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Match for value and values

Changesource tracks the impact of every company we source. From the environment, to diversity of ownership and leadership, to where they operate, and other factors that matter to your strategy, we give you the intelligence you need to harness your buyer power to create the world you want to see.

Source smarter

Buyer power report

Once you are a Changesourcer, you’ll access regular reports that show how efficient, effective and ethical your supply chain currently is – and what you can do next to harness your buyer power even more.

Buyer power reports include;
  • Documenting the contribution of your buyer power to your environmental and social governance goals
  • Mapping opportunities to grow this further in future
  • Reporting key information of performance and progress that can be shared with stakeholders

For commercial or procurement directors

Become a changesourcer


Changesource saves you money by sourcing smarter from day one – and makes your buying power’s contribution to your ESG agenda measurable at the same time.

Procurement directors

Changesource is an intelligent ethical sourcing platform that means you can buy smarter from day one – and measure your progress over time. All for the cost of a simple subscription. 

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