Become a Changesourcer

There's a simple process to start to source smarter in your business.

Become a Changesourcer

Set up first call

As a first step, a member of our team will demo how Changesource works and find out what you need from us. Then we can recommend the simplest way for you to start benefitting from Changesource.

Work together

The first steps

Whether you opt for a trial period or to dive straight in, we’ll put lots of support in to get you going. We’ll run free events with you and your team to make sure you harness your buying power from day one.

Save money and save the world

Guarantee progress

Changesource is designed to ensure companies save money and save the world so we’re always working in the background to make sure you make progress. Once a quarter we’ll drop you a line to point out any opportunities you might be missing, or new ways you can source smarter.

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