About Changesource

At Changesource, we are building the world's first intelligent ethical sourcing platform.

The story of Changesource

Changesource is a product built by Label Ventures, a venture studio working with leading brands on creating high growth businesses that are good for the world.

Why sourcing matters

How we run scouting

How we de-risk collaboration

How we track the impact of your spend

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We are building a global team with roles from innovation scouting, to project management, to marketing.

Investor questions

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Investors are backing the development of Changesource, and some of the solutions that we distribute through the platform.

To find out more speak to nick.sherrard@label.ventures

Press & Contacts

Media enquires

Email press@label.ventures for any press or media enquires about Changesource.

Investor questions

Email finance@label.ventures for any investor questions about Changesource and set up a call.

Changesource founder

Email nick.sherrard@label.ventures to speak with Changesource founder Nick Sherrard.

Changesource Product Lead

Email maxine.mackie@label.ventures to speak with Changesource product lead Maxine Mackie.